Keroro is messing the train

Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Hamtaro fansubs

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Chibi Kero episode 176 is out in New Year 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone! 2017 has arrived, but not in some regions. Anyway, to welcome the new year, I'll present you the brand new subbed episode of Keroro Gunsou with Chibi Kero this time! The title for this episode is...

Chibi Kero, Farewell, Summer Vacation! De Arimasu!

This episode is about the summer homework where Fuyuki and Natsumi's hard work was messed up by someone, suspecting Keroro, but it turned out Keroro didn't do that. So in order to help them out with theit homework, Keroro tells them about his childhood of how he experiences his summer vacation and his homework. Keroro was running around to ask his friends to do his homework, but they refused. Then Joriri came along to help him out and make him a footstool so he can support his foot on. But no matter how much he worked, Joriri wasn't happy enough to support his foot on the footstools Keroro made. Zeroro's morning glories have all withered and Keroro asks him to take one of them to liven it up. Suddenly, Keroro finds a weird chemical, thinking it's a nurtrient medicine that will liven the morning glory up, but instead, it begins to gorw so fast and turned itself into a monster. Keroro named it as the Morning Glorion. Now then, Keroro and his friends must stop Morning Gloorion before ig gets outside to destroy the city.

Keroro Gunsou 176

I'm wishing everyone a happy new year! And I'm wishing everyone to look forward to more Keroro Gunsou epiusodes, along with the other shows like Hamtaro, Powerpuff Girls Z, The Pink Panther and more! The next update for the new year 2017 is going to be about the Shurara Army Corps, and this time is Dokuku. You'll have to wait to see him in action, so stay tuned. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Xmas Present with 4 Episodes! Powerpuff Girls, Keroro, New Keroro and the Pink Panther short starring The Ant and the Aardvark!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This is the gift you've been waiting for! Four episodes in one present. They are Keroro Gunsou, Keroro Flash, Powerpuff Girls Z and the Ant and the Aardvark short!

Let's move on to them, shall we?

Keroro 175 - Keroro, Let's Jump into the Plastic Pool. De Arimasu! / Fuyuki & Natsumi, Here Comes a New Morning! De Arimasu!

Keroro Flash File:014 - The Keron Stars A.K.A The Two Keron Stars

Powerpuff Girls Z 3 - Girls, United!

The Ant and the Aardvark short - Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle (with original laugh track)

Keroro 175 is about a plastic pool and radio exercises with a bonus short of watermelon. This one is my favorite episode so far!

Keroro Flash 14 is all about Shin Keroro fighting with the Keroro Platoon? Wait, it's a new character that looks like Shin, and his name is The Black Star! His goal is to take Shin's Keron Star and his powers, this is the first time we can see Shin change his one-man platoon ability, G-Style, T-Style and D-Style, but what about Kuru-Style? It's a mystery.

Powerpuff Girls Z 3 is all about Kaoru joining to the Powerpuff Girls team with Momoko and Miyako, but it turned out they go to the same school together. This is all about Kaoru who doesn't want to wear a skirt as a Powerpuff Girl. Looks like Mojo Jojo is on it again, and this time stealing everyone's food. Go, girls. Show him where his place!

Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle includes the original laugh track from The New Pink Panther Show (1971-1976). This short is all about an ant who finds vitamins for strenght which later take each one of these to become strong and beat that bad old anteater. But never know how long these vitamins will last until that and becomes a normal ant.

Keroro Gunsou 175

Keroro Flash 014

Powerpuff Girls Z 03

Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle (Original laugh track)

I wish everyone a happy holiday and maybe Happy New Year. Who Knows? Maybe I will make it in time to post another episode in this year. Stay tuned for more episodes! Also, Merry Christmas! Ke-Kero!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Dasonu Maso episode 174 is out!

Hi, everyone! It's time for another update! This time we have Dasonu Maso returns with his talk of truth, and Dororo has gone missing in the mountains!

Keroro 174 -  Keroro! Truthfully, an Afro Song? De Arimasu! \ Dororo, The Mystery Mountain. De arimasu!

Okay, Keroro and his member sold out tickets for Dance Man's concert, but it turned out it was Dasonu Maso because their names sound similiar, but the writting is different. Fuyuki and Dororo went to the cave and discovered a big boulder, maybe he thought it was something rare. But then he activaded it and started chasing them. Meanwhile, Dasonu Maso is sucking up people's energy by telling his talk of truth which is boring to us but funny to aliens. Also, the real Dance Man is trapped in a spaceship that looks like a big disco ball. So in order to get rid of Dasonu Maso, Dance Man must sing a new single to bring everyone's spirits back to normal. Truthfully, this is going to be the hardest taks to save us.

Dororo went training himself in the mountain, but suddenly, the weather on the mountain changes becoming foggy around, he then notices Desu the Akina's neighbor's dog. I wonder what he is doing here? Did he get lost? But then, Desu found a girl which looks familiar, Dororo needed to turn the anti-barrier on so she won't be able to see him, the girl thinks Desu is a holy dog sent by God, and decided to play with him. Meanwhile, Keroro and the other go searching Dororo who's gone missing while thinking about eating watermelon. At that time, the girl is in trouble, Dororo quickyl throws a rope to her to hold on, then quickly used kunai and pulled with all power to rescue her. But that girl could see me even if his anti-barries was on. Could she be Akina as a young girl? Who knows?

Keroro Gunsou 174

Next update is going to be on Christmas! I won't tell what episodes are going to be subbed, you must wait till 25th December to guess. Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Yamato and Kapu episode 173 is out!

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since last update, but today's update is all about different series, and of course, this Keroro Gunsou episode includes some new characters and a creature named Kapu.

Keroro 173 - Keroro, Yamato and Kapu. De Arinsu! (What the heck is arinsu exactly?)

Okay, this episode is about a boy named Yamato and his friends who created a pond called the Kappa Pond and met an uknown creature named Kapu who spent together and had adventures with him, but one day, Kapu has gone and returned to his home. Yamato believes that Kapu will return to them. Meanwhile, Keroro broke Fuyuki's collection of O-Parts by an accident, and now he must apologize to him nefore it's too late. He went to find Fuyuki in the middle part of Tokyo where Fuyuki went to look for a mystery spot. But then, Shinano saw Keroro and quickly inform Musashi and Kirishimasugita that Kapu has returned. Yamato was happy that Kapu returned and then quickly go to meet him. But instead of meeting him, he kidnapped Keroro which he thought he looks like Kapu. He later explains to him about him as Kapu that he is the pretectior of justice that beats bad demons and used to spread rumors about Kappas. Then why is Keroro Kapu? What does Yamato want from him? The mystery behind this episode will be solved as soon as possible

.Keroro Gunsou episode 173

Next update will be about Dasonu Maso! Yes, you hear it! Dasonu Maso is back! And what's more, Dance Man is going to appear, too! You can't miss the next update! Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Episode 172 Alisa versus Dangale is out!

Helo, everyone! It's been one month since my last update, but anyway, here is the new subbed Keroro Gunsou episode 172 about Alisa and Fuyuki dealing with Dangale!

Keroro 172 - Alisa & Fuyuki, UMA VS Dangale. De Arimasu!

This episode tells about another UMA creatures that went amuck for some reason. But there are called as the Dark Races. There is one girl who is after them, her name is Alisa Southerncross, she is actually a doll that was brought to life thanks to her father, Nebula, and to become a human, she must hunt these cretures and gain their powers. Anyway, there is an incident in Doinaka Coast, another ship what found near the coast last night. Plus, 556 and Lavie that went fishing also disappeared. Could it be the work of a UMA? Meanwhile, Keroro and everyone went to Doinaka Coast for vacation but something has changed there. Many people from all over the world gathered here to see the Hollywood version of Dangale. Everyone is excited to join to the contest to win the trip to Hollywood. But then Alisa arrived because she sensed Fuyuki's presence and wants to play with him. Later at the hotel, Fuyuki was watching TV about that incident of a wrecked ship, then he witnessed himself as his doppelganger. I wonder who this guy is? Is he a friend? Or an enemy? Or maybe an alien? Not. He is another Dark Race to catch. Let's see if Alisa and Fuyuki understands his language.

Keroro Gunsou Episode 172

This was an update for early Halloween, I hope you already know. Next update will be all about Kapu and Yamato. Kapu? Isn't that a name for Kappa? Who knows? Stay Tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 171 and Flash File:013 are out as a special birthday present!

Yes! Today is my birthday and I'm posting a birthday present including two Keroro episodes for this special event! I wonder what are they? Anyway, the titles are...

Keroro 171 - Tamama, Rebel Without Reason. De Arimasu! / Kururu, Guarding the House? De Arimasu!

Keroro File:013 - Dolphin and Alien A.K.A. The Alien Who Rid on a Dolphin

Today's episode is all about a rebellious age. Yeah. A rebellious age is about acting different and bad behavior which is not natural  It's just like a teenage rebellion but in Japanese it means a bit different.
Anyway, Tamama is now going throught the way of becoming a grown-up man in order to graduate the rebellious age by following five steps. First one, be nice, second, be strict when you need it. Third, be bad for once as they wander. Fourth, punch them. And the final step will make them graduate the phase so they will become adults.Will Keroro and the others help Tamama through the progress? Let's hope it will.

Kururu stays home taking over while Keroro and his crew went on tour to the hot springs without anyone's knowing he activated the fully-automatic invasion machine that will help hium invade Pekopon. Kururu doesn't want to stay and goes to the kitchen watching over Natsumi and Fuyuki eating ice shavings so he can have a chance to pour curry on. But then there is an emergency, the automatic invasion machine is heading towards the Earth to invade it, but with Kururu nothing is impossible and with Fuyuki and Natsumi's help, everything shall be settled! Go, Kururu! Protect the Earth!

Keroro Flash 13 is based on the chapter of theKeroro Gunsou  manga which tells about a dolphin that ended up in the Keroro Platoon's secret base and befriends with Shin Keroro.

The episode begins with Keroro and Tamama swimming away from a shark. Inside of Keroro's Secret Base, Angol Mois, Kururu and Giroro are shown watching as Giroro comments on how it was Keroro's plan, to which Keroro tells him to send them back. Mois questions Kururu on how to save them as he tells her to pull the red lever, when she does however it breaks having a huge wave of water to crash down inside the base. Keroro and Tamama make it along with some fish and broken levers as Keroro thanks them. Suddenly Mois points out something as a tail is seen flipping up and down, capturing Keroro's attention.
At the Hinata's House, Natsumi is shown complaining about the weather when the backyard door slides open, revealing Shin Keroro completely dehydrated and tired looking. Natsumi asks what's wrong as Shin complains about the overdose of water on the planet as Natsumi wonders why, seeing as how every time Keroro is in the rain he is happy. Natsumi then remembers something to help Shin as she brings a plate of Starfruit, Shin questions what it is and Natsumi tells him as she gives him a piece. Shin instantly feels better as he flies forward and head bumps Natsumi. He thanks her as he tells her that he was glad she was so understanding about the thing. Natsumi is shocked until she brings Shin down to the base and threatens Keroro about what the secret thing is. He then reveals the dolphin as Natsumi and Shin watch in wonder. Keroro explains how they found it as the Dolphin says hello to Shin and head bumps him. Keroro seems pleased until Natsumi and Kururu remind him of the costs of having a dolphin, Keroro quickly decides that he needs to return the Dolphin home, as Shin happily asks to join him. The duo quickly head over the oceans as Shin compliments them, Keroro agreeing with him. While they fly Shin notices two other dolphins near an island as he quickly recognizes them as the Dolphin's parents.  He says goodbye as the head bump one last time as Shin asks if Dolphin will be all right, Keroro promising he will. Later on we see Keroro and Tamama running away from a lion and a rhino with Shin riding on the Rhino, Mois and Giroro are watching as Shin yells in joy.

Keroro Gunsou 171

Keroro Flash File:013

Next update will be all about UMA and Dangale, Alisa is also going to appear! What can be wrong about that? Stay tuned. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Keroro Gunsou the whole series complete and translated?!

I don't believe it... Finally! Keroro Gunsou series has been completely translated! It's all subbed by ColdFusion.

You can get the whole series here.

Now that the series is done, what do I do next? But don't worry, everyone, I' shall continue subbing this series even if it's now done. Plus, episode 171 is in progress along with file:013 so it will be out in three or four days. Before that happens, stay tuned. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 170 Pururu and Chiruyo in action is out!

Hello there! It's about time to release the brand-new subbed episode of Keroro Gunsou, and this time it comes with seven mysteries and Chiruyo's return! Let's start with today's titles, shall we?

Keroro 170: Fuyuki & Keroro, Solving Seven Mysteries! De Arimasu! / Pururu & Chiruyo, Secretly Friends. De Arimasu!

The one is about seven mysteries of Kisshou Academy, which are very popular and everyone is telling other people to be scared enough to go there and solve them by theirselves. So, Fuyuki explained that these stories can be explained by using science to figure out what is this. With Keroro's help, they decided to go to Kisshou Academy with Natsumi and the othersd to solve these mysteries. Every challenge is tough, but I'm sure they will make it. Who knows what thing they will encounter?

Pururu got used to live on Earth so long that she enjoyed it,and get on a sightseeing tour to Kyushu to relax at the hot springs and some souvenir. While Keroro and the others were anjoying puddings, Chiruyo is still stalking Fuyuki and takes notes, but after seeing Pururu, she got noticed and ran away so embarrassed. Meanwhile, Pururu cneaky enter her room to find out who she is. Then she noticed dairies on her cabinet thinking she is a spy who wants to know the secret about Keron Army.After knowing the truth, P;ururu decices to stay at her home to help her get closer to Fuyuki  which she loves him so much, with new dress and style, I'm sure Chiruyo will succeed the goal!

Keroro Gunsou 170

Next update will be all about rebel and Kururu guarding the house, plau, Shin Keroro meets a dolphin! This you don't wanna miss! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Keroro Gunsou liquid episode 169 is out!

Keroro Gunsou 169 is now out, and this time we are dealing with a liquid Keronian Giruru another member of the Shurara Army Corps! Urere is going back to help our froggy invaders to invade Earth with trains!

Titles are:  Urere, the King of Trains. De Arimasu! \ Giroro, A Beauty Girl and the Liquid Keronian. De Arimasu!

Today we will call about another member of the Shurara Army Corps, Giruru. Giruru is a liqud Keronian from the experimental divission that is immortal and will turn a person into a liquid. Giroro is the one who fought him and ended being a liquid. In order to turn back to normal, he must return to the Hinata residence and warns Natsumi that Giruru is after her. But no one's hearing him at all, and that's the problem. How will he be able to warn Natsumi she is in danger? Urere returns and helps the Keroro Platoon invade Pekoipon with trains that will control the trasnprtation easily while twe won't be able to live without trains. Using NPG's name, everything should go smoothly. But what's this? An alien anemy is heading toward Earth to take it over! Urere knows who this guy is and he will do anything to get rid of him. Go, Kero Rider!

Keroro Gunsou 169

Next update will be all about 7 wonder of mysteries and return of Chiruyo spiying our froggy friends again, but this time she will encounter Pururu. Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Limited episode 168 and Kindergarten File 012 are here!

Finally, after long weeks of break, a new update of Keroro Gunsou new episode is out! This time with two episodes of two different series, norlam and the flash one! Titles are:

Keroro 168: Keroro, The Limited Periodic Plan. De Arimasu! / Momoka, My Own Limitted Tanabata. De Arimasu!

File: 012: Space Kinder A.K.A. Space Kindergarten

This episode is about limits and time limit of limited edition items. Moreover, Momoka will be limited only on Tanabata to inmvite Fuyuki to a Tanabata party at her house. But instead, everyone wants her andfeels so relaxed than usual. Keroro is using a limited gun created by Kururu that turns anything into limited time to let people feel like it precious to them and he will put mustard when a person eats the cold noodles while choking up. Putting some Keron flags on them to invade the countries they've been. The only area that wasn't taken over is Momoka's house, and it's tough to get! Keroro turns Dororo into limited Dororo to go there and take over the Nishizawa residence in order to complete their invasion. Hope they will make it in time... Momoka will disappear after the time limit's over. How could it be?

Flash series episode 012 is all about kindergarder in which our froggy invaders are mimicing all on how people work every day.

The episode begins with Keroro telling Giroro that to do this mission he would have to wear the clothes as well. Giroro than appears in kindergarten clothing as Natsumi Hinata sees Giroro's outfit. Later on Angol Mois, Shin Keroro, Kururu, Dororo and Keroro are shown in a classroom (Also wearing the kindergarten outfits.) Mois questions why they are dressed like this as Keroro says that most children start out in kindergarten than they grow up as fine young man and get good jobs. Natsumi than appears holding Giroro and telling Mois that she will be back later to pick him up, Mois accepts him as she calls everyone for attendance, to which they reply (Giroro embarrassed about his situation.) Mois begins the first lesson which is singing a song. The images with the song show Keroro making business with a weird purple figure, Keroro popping out of his own head and Keroro turning down money from the Purple figure. The second lesson soon begins as it is weapon training. Keroro and Giroro are shown shooting guns, as Shin has built a robot out of cardboard. The third lesson is hand to hand combat training as Tamama and Dororo fight, with Giroro and Keroro watching. The fourth lesson begins as Keroro, Shin, and Tamama are shown building a Clay Monster, Kururu is shown watching from afar and Dororo is worried about building it. The fifth lesson is nap time as everyone is shown to be asleep except for Tamama. He is worried about the day almost being over. When it is 12:09 Mois is holding a bazooka as she shoots it at the Keroro Platoon, who wake up immediately. Keroro later talks about how much memories it brings him and how he is happy the day is almost over, Tamama is seen alone in the corner. A growl is heard as Kururu appears to have brought the clay monster to life. The Keroro Platoon attack it, while Tamama is still seen sitting alone as he remembers his time in Kindergarten. It is revealed that he never had anyone to pick him up early, so when his friends left he was alone. A sweet voice snaps Tamama out of his trance as he sees Momoka Nishizawa, she says that it is time to go home, Tamama is amazed as he says Momoka's name in surprise, Momoka nods in response as she helps Tamama up. She is later seen walking away as Tamama waves goodbye to his friends. Meanwhile, everyone else is still fighting the Clay Monster as Keroro wonders when everyone else is going to come and pick them up, Mois says in a little bit as Keroro screams for them to hurry up. Near the entrance, Natsumi is seen smiling, Aki is shown to be confused, Fuyuki is horrified, Tomosu and Koyuki are just as shocked and Mutsumi is seen smiling as well. Shin appears near the entrance jumping and laughing in joy.

Keroro Gunsou 168

Keroro File:012

Next update will be all about trains, Urere and a skilled member of the Shurara Corps, Giruru. Giruru is a liqud Keronian, but stay tuned for more informations if you want to see him. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 167 Cup noodle attack is here!

Vacations had arrived, which doesn't mean I'll take a break of making more Keroro subbed, eh? No. Today's update brings our froggy invaders solving a crossword puzzle and the space detective dealing with a cup noodle.

Keroro 167 556, A Recipe for Making Cup Noodles. De Arimasu! / Keroro, Capturing at the Crossword Puzzle! De Arimasu!

Lavie got a lottery draw at the supermarket and won a cup noodle for her and her brother, 556. 556 is afraid of that thing thinking it's an enemy or a hero of justice. Later on, the sibling figured out they need hot water to pour it then eat it. I wonder if 556 is hard enough to make his own food? Let's see how it works.

Keroro wants a prize so badly that he begs Natysumi to give him a crossword puzzle from a magazine, and to get it, he must solve the whole crossword puzzle correct by filling it up, but the problem is the questions are really tough for him and don't know what to do. So he cvalls out his crew to help him solve the crossword puzzle in order to win the prize! If they want to know the anwser, doing some tests will help to find the clue.

Keroro Gunsou episode 167

Next update will be all about limited time, Tanabata day and kindergarten. We'll see about it soon. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 166 Wet King Returns!

Hello there! I's been a while since I posted a new post. But that's not important, let's feature a new update, and it's the return of the slug hero Wet King! That's right. You hear it.

Keroro Gunsou 166 - Keroro! Let's Smash, Wet Robot! De Arimasu! / Keroro! Charge, Wet Human! De Arimasu!

Keroro repeats the same game like in episode 113 to have Natsumi fight with the Wet King, but instead of the real one, Keroro created a mechanical version of him called Mecha Wet King to scare Natsumi, it turned out it's a robot which does not have a sense of stickiness and sliminess, letting Natsumi to beat him up and ending Keroro's evil ambitions. Keroro won't give up and he will return with the upgraded Mecha Wet king to defeat that evil Natsumi. Later on, Keroro returns to challenge Natsumi for the real final battle where he brought the upgraded Mecha Wet King a.ka. Mecha Wet King II to send him to fight against Natsumi. But this time, he has the real sense of stickiness and sliminess, making Natsumi weak and scared because of it,m and then Giroro comes to help throwing a helmet to Natsumi to put it on to become the armored weapon Natsumi to gain her victory. But suddenly, the Mecha Wet King II stop responding because he released the limiter and turning into Wet Human, a human slug, which then Kururu explains he created it instead of creating the sliminess that was really difficult to work, and put it on the robot suit. The Wet Human began to grow bigger and bigger, causing a giant chaos, taking hostages, Keroro, Giroro, Tamama and Natsumi. Will the real Wet King save the Earth?

Keroro Gunsou Episode 166

Next update will be all about crossword puzzle and cup noodle recipe. Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Keroro Gunsou 165 and PowerPuff Girls Z 2 are out!

Hello! Finally, Powerpuff Girls episode 2 is out after 2 years of waiting! Plus, Keroro Gunsou episode 165 is also out and this time, Kururu is the leader of the Keroro Platoon.

Keroro Gunsou 165: Kururu, a Momentary Leader. De Arimasu! / Koyuki, The Big Normal Special Training! De Arimasu!

PPGZ 2: Gentle Bubbles! Part 1 and 2

This one is funny, it tells about Kururu becoming a temporary leader due to Keroro breaking his hip. Kururu will mess up with an ambassador from another planet, but Giroro and the other two won't let him do bad things to him. Will they entertain his visit and not let Kururu mess it up?

Second story is all about Koyuki which tells that her life isn't normal. But in order to be normal, Koyuki went to a become normal class held by the Keroro Platoon to teach her to become normal. Her instructor is Giroro which is good at this and will turn Koyuki into a spy that will follow their step to invade Pekopon. Koyuki's live will be different than ever.

As Professor Utonium, Ken, Peach, the Mayor and Ms. Bellum caught Momoko in a heroine form, Blossom, to take her to the lab for research, they witnessed a happily skipping girl in blue cloths, which turns out to be Miyako being shot with a white light as she is attacked by Mojo Jojo who was defeated by Blossom in earlier episode takes revenge on her eating her snacks she boughtand making a big mayhem again, but Bubbles used her rod to stop Mojo Jojo beating up Blossom and defeats him.t Later on, they were taken to the lab for research to check how they turn intro these forms. This secret is going to revealed as Mojo Jojo once again tries to escape not to become a normal monkey.  But thanks to Kaor, who was sneezing nonstop due to the skirt she was hit earlier, quickly defeats Mojo, sending him up to the sky. Now what will they do with Buttercup to turn her back to normal?

Keroro Gunsou episode 165

Powerpuff Girls Z episode 2

Nest update will be someone we met in precious season of Keroro Gunsou, it's Wet King himself! He will come back to Earth to deal with an evil Natsumi-Geddon! The final battle is about to start very soon! So stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero

Monday, May 2, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 164 Nyororo and Lavie's marriage plus sticker invasion episode 011 are out!

Hi, everyone! It's time for another update of subbed Keroro Gunsou episodes! This time we have Nyororo's destruction and Lavie's marriage episode, and what's more, Keroro Flash episode 011 about stickers.Titles are:

Keroro 164: Keroro, The Destruction of Nyororos? De Arimasu! \ Lavie, I'm Going to be a Bride! De Arimasu!

Flash File: 011: Alien Sticker Battle A.K.A The Sticker Fight!

Episode 164 is all about how Nyororos, the Keronians' arch-enemies, were born. Nyororo used to be a Niroro once in 10 billion years ago, after the giant meteor crashed onto the Niroro planet, Niroro started mutating and becomes Nyororo. After the Keroro Platoon had an emergency due to Nyororos appearing to suck dry Keroro's humidity, Keroro opened a wormhole which they escaped there from them. They found their birthplace and decide to erase Nyororo from the universe's history forever. Will Nyororo really cease to exist? Next one is Lavie is getting married by a hardworking young man, but 556 doesn't agree their marriage and believes she's been fooled by him and being controlled by him, which thinks he is an evil alien. Keroro must convince him to agree on Lavie's marriage, but he refuses it, so Keroro needs to act serious to convince him no matter what. Don't give up, 556! Save Lavie from that alien!

Next one is the Flash series all about stickers.

The episode begins with Keroro's star appearing ripped, and destroyed, as Keroro starts panicking. Giroro and Dororo start poking fun at him, until Mois comes in an rips the star off, confusing Keroro. She admits that she was forced to put a sticker over Keroro's stomach. Keroro appears shocked at first, but he than says it's all right, and that it was a good joke. However, when he reaches Kururu he tells him to make everyone pay, Kururu agreeing immediately. We later see Natsumi and Fuyuki replacing some shelves as they notice some stickers in the back. They both seem very surprised as their mother would usually scold them about putting stickers on stuff. Natsumi remembers that they would put stickers on everything, as she holds up a hammer. Natsumi than looks at the hammer confused, as a sticker of Keroro appears on it, the hammer than starts to attack Natsumi and Fuyuki, as they run away in fear. Soon joining the hammer in the chase comes a trash can with Giroro on it. It starts to shoot trash at Natsumi and Fuyuki, as they try and dodge the trash. Suddenly, the room turns cold as a Kururu sticker appears to have taken over the air conditioning. Finally, a hot water pack with Tamama on it appears behind Natsumi, as it sticks onto Natsumi, making Natsumi feel way to hot.
Keroro appears walking through the coldness, as he explains he used stickers to attack them. Keroro than proceeds to tell them that the Hinata House will be invaded as Tamama and Giroro are shown slapping stickers onto walls. Natsumi seems very angry that they are making a mess of their home once again, but Fuyuki tells her not to worry, as when they did it they were stopped by someone. As if on cue, Aki starts yelling and scolding the keronians, Natsumi and Fuyuki both agreeing they deserved it. The Keroro Platoon is later shown cleaning up, as Natsumi and Fuyuki watch TV, Aki than wonders where they went after cleaning up. It appears that the Keroro Platoon have gotten the stickers of each other on them, and they start acting like the people they got. (Kururu as Tamama, Tamama as Giroro, Giroro as Keroro, and Keroro as Kururu) As the culprit is revealed to be Shin Keroro, as he exclaims how much fun it is to stick stickers on things. Meanwhile, Dororo watches on from the ceiling.

Keroro Gunsou 164

Keroro File: 011

Next up is Kururu becoming a leader of the Keroro Platoon and Koyuki being serious! Plus, Mojo Jojo is trying to escape to become a normal monkey from Ken and Professor Utonius. What's more, Momoko and Miyako getting together as partners to defeat Mojo. Stay tuned and don't miss it! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 163 Saburo farewells and Alisa's hunting is out!

Now then, it's time for an update! Today's release is about Saburo's leaving and Alisa hunting for a rain monster. I wonder if Saburo's really leaving us after all? Let's check today's titles.

Keroro 163: Natsumi, Good-bye, Saburo. De Arimasu! / Fuyuki & Alisa, The Rain Monster. De Arimasu!

Well, it looks like Saburo is going to leave us, huh? After hearing rumors about Saburo is going to move to another school, while 623's show is going to be canceled, Natsumi is upset hearing this, but then Koyuki arrives to help her out to go to the broadcasting station to check if this rumor is true. Meanwhile, Keroro thought up a plan to use their program "Weird Dopamine" again to swap 623's radio show, but this time their goal is the famous international producer, Mr. Big Bridge to impress him by seeing their skills to become the worldwide Keroro Platoon. I wonder if those rumors are true?

It's been raining since last weekend in Inner Tokyo and Keroro was enjoying his humidity as usual, but when it stopped raining, something isn't right here. Fuyuki goes to school and the rain starts to follow him and causing rain around him. Looks like something has happened last week, Kururu fixed the Soul Diver to help Fuyuki's probelm, and then something from his memories escaped. Seems like Alisa has returns to hunt dark creatures again in order to become a human. Alisa and Nebula tell Fuyuki about that creature that is the cause of this rain. What kind of a monster could it be?

Keroro Gunsou 163

Next up is no more Nyororos! Plus the sticker battle a la Keroro! What could they be? Stay tuned for more! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Keroro episode 162 Chbi Kero and re-released Powerpuff Girls Z episode 1 now out!

Finally, it's time to get this on the road. Today's release is all about Chibi Kero, not a short this time, but an actual episode! And to make thing right, I'm re-releasing Powerpuff Girls Z episode 1 with better version and correct audio. The last one has a sync-off audio.

Keroro episode 162 - Chibi Kero, Joriri of Back Then. De Arimasu!

PPGZ1 - Girls, Arrive! \ Girls, the Birth!

This one has a new charcter named Joriri who is an adult Keronians whoused to lived in Keroro and his friends' secret base, which becomes a friend of their and say so nonsense that no one will get it. This episode tells about Keroro, Giroro and Dororo's childhood how they made their own secret base before it got taken over by the seniors, and to get their base back, they need Joriri's advice to get rid of those seniors. Including Pururu as their childhood friend and Joriri in action.

Powerpuff Girls Z has been re-released due to its audio being synced off and has image quality a bit lighter than ever. But this is going to be changed. From now on, episodes up to one will have a good quality with original colors and audio not being off. and the next one will be 100% in DVDrip not DVTV-rip.

So the PPGZ series fan-subs hasn't been stopped and will continue smoothly day by day.

Keroro Gunsou 162

Powepuff Girls Z 1

Next update will be the last episode for Saburo! As he is going to disappear for a while. I don't know why, but it's episode 163 the Weird Dopamine is coming back, plus Alisa will appear to hunt a dark creature. That's all for today's update. See you in the next one that will be out in 3-5 days. Stay tuned. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Putata and Mekeke episode 161 and Board Game File: 010 are out!

And here they are, the skilled minions of the Shurara Army Corps, Putata and Mekeke! Oops, I forgot to tell you Keroro File: 010 is out alongside Keroro Gunsou 161 today! Let's move on to the new subbed sweeties!

Keroro 161:  Putata & Mekeke, the Skilled Minions. De Arimasu!

Keroro 010: Space Game A.K.A The Space Board Game

Looks like we are having some of Shurara's minions dealing with the Keroro Platoon here.

Putata is a street artist Keronian who draws things with his paintbrush, and Mekeke is a super marionette Keronian who can control the other people with his puppeteer's stuff.

What's more, Mekeke and Putata know about their weaknesses bucase Shurara showed them the analyzes of them before. And the Keroro Platoon doesn't know who they are dealing with.

Beware, Keroro Platoon! They are going to defeat you! Shurara is their leader who owns the Shurara Army Corps. And with his spy which don't know who it is, will make a one giant leap to steal Keroro's Keron Star!

Keroro File: 010 is a tribute to episode 41 of Keroro Gunsou anime with some changes. Tamama is not presented in this episode. Mois' father is replaced by Angol Mois herself. Natsumi's challenges are changed completely. And Myou, Tomosu and Shin Keroro's appearance in which in the original version they were not presented yet. And yet Kururu is nowhere to be seen in this episode.

At the Hinata household, the Occult Club (Tomosu, Myou, Fuyuki and Shin Keroro) is discussing things to do, when Keroro comes in holding a game board. Keroro states that the game will help grow bonds and it will be loads of fun. Everyone in the room agrees to play, when Natsumi comes in with snacks and drinks, she questions what they are doing, but it is to late as she gets sucked into the game with everyone else. In the game Natsumi is seen complaining as Mois announces the teams.
  1. Keroro and Shin Keroro 
  2. Natsumi Hinata and Myou Kaneami 
  3. Tomosu Hinohara and Fuyuki Hinata 

As soon as the teams are announced Natsumi and Myou get to roll first, they roll a 6 and when they stop they suddenly return to the start as babies, leading Fuyuki to worry about his sister. Tomosu rolls the dice and lands on 3, when Fuyuki and him stop they disappear from the board, worrying little Natsumi. It turns out they are in Egypt on top of a pyramid, as Keroro explains the board can make your greatest wishes come true (Annoying little Natsumi) as Shin rolls a 1. However, Keroro and Shin walk more than one space, angering Natsumi even more. Throughout the whole game, Fuyuki and Tomosu get to visit different places, Keroro and Shin move closer to the finish, and Natsumi and Myou keep getting embarrassing challenges. Right when Keroro and Shin were close to the end, Keroro rolls a one and they end up on the space close to the finish. The space has the words 'Great King' written on it, and Mois says that they landed on a trap, and she then transforms back into her true form, and starts to destroy the game world. The noise draws Giroro to the room, where he angrily kicks the board game, releasing everyone. Everyone than starts arguing as Shin asks to go in again, Tomosu saying another time.

Keroro Gunsou episode 161

Keroro File: 010

Next up is going to be a history of 4 little tadpole kids who met a big brother frog. His name is Joriri! That's right! Chibi Kero episode will be next! Plus, something re-release just in case. What could it be? It's a secret. Stay tuned, How's that? Ke-Kero!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Keroro Gunsou episode 160 Ouka's appearance is out under Keroro Gunsou-Fansubs!

Hello. Since the 4th season Keroro Gunsou is completely subbed by the source of existing subbed episodes from the net and five from Doremi-Fansubs, it doesn't mean this is the end of this season yet. Why? Well, from now on, the rest episodes starting from 160 to onwards, will go under the name "Keroro Gunsou-Fansubs". And here is the subbed Keroro episode 160

The title is... Momoka, The Strongest Mother's Day. De Arimasu!

It's about time to introduce the brand-new character, it's Nishizawa Ouka, the mother of Momoka who is a fighter and keeps practicing everyday and have no time to visit her daughter for some reason.

In this episode, we learn she, Baio and Paul are fighters, and how Ouka and Baio got married.

Here is the blurb.

Momoka's mother Ouka is coming to visit her, but something's isn't right. She is breaking through the whole defense system and beating up the bodyguard squad one by another.

It turns out that she is a fighter who is working hard to be the strongest martial art fighter. And don't forget, Baio and Paul are fighters too. This is why her family is in good contition.

In order to stop her, Paul and the bodyguards must show no mercy to het not to let her enter the mansion and meet Momoka.

Anyone for  street fighter references?

Keroro Gunsou Episode 160

Right now, I can't upload this to the Nyaa, sorry. Maybe someone else will do it instead.

Next episode, get ready for Putata and Mekeke in action and File:010 about board game duel against Keroro Team and Natsumi Team! This you have to see it! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Keroro File 009 New Keroro appears and Telop episode 234 are out!

Happy Easter, everyone! Time to get the show on the road. First of all, Keroro File: 009 New Keroro has been translated, and Myou, Tomosu and Shin Keroro made their first anime appearance. Plus, Keroro Gunsou episode 234 is added.

Keroro File: 009 The New Keroro! A.K.A The Brand-New Keroro

Keroro Gunsou 234 Keroro, Operation Telop! De Arimasu! / Keroro, Using How-to-Book to Invade. De Arimasu!

Keroro learns about Telop after watching a TV program and decides to use it to invade Pekopon. Kururu made the Day Telopper that can turn anything into reality by writing on it and the subtitles will appear in the screen, letting everything turn into reality. But instead of iusing it to invade, Keroro and Tamama are playing pranks on Natsumi, Fuyuki, Momoka, Lavie and 556, misthief subtitles appearing through the screen and whatever thing happens, happens. So Giroro warns Keroro to stop fooling around and start invading Pekopon, but Keroro refused it and Giroro grabbed him to angrily tells him to come home quickly. And then
Keroro can decide where to begin, but Giroro wants him to finish their invasion, so he grabs the Day Telopper to put an end of their waiting writing "The Keroro Platoon completed the Pekopon Invasion!", bringing them a victory of conquering Pekopon. But it turns out to be Pekoposo which Giroro made a typo while rusing things so quickly, letting it to a failure.

When the operation telop failed, Keroro goes to a bookstore to find a manga so he can express his mood, but then he saw a book how to invade Pekopon "You can do it! The Invasion of Pekopon! Five steps to success.". Later on, Keroro shows everyone a book he found on a bookstore and is written by Urere the super popular invader It says here in order to succeed the plan, they must complete five steps to success. First one is teamwork, second securing the funding, third to remember the goal, fourth having fun and fifth to start thinking about a plan. These steps are easy and the Keroro Platoon is ready to take any challenge what the book gives, so complete them and invade Pekopon!

The episode starts with Tomosu Hinohara standing alone on a beach and looking up at the sky. A large ship is then seen in outer space as the Keroro Platoon look in awe. Later Fuyuki is seen hanging out with Tomosu, Fuyuki appears surprised that Tomosu is into Paranormal stuff and is the head of the Occult Club. Fuyuki instantly likes him, however when they are talking a weird voice comes in. And Fuyuki is frightened as a girl named Myou Kaneami introduces herself, while she predicts an aliens's landing. As Myou predicted the same ship the Keroro Platoon saw lands in The Hinata's backyard, scaring Natsumi. Meanwhile inside the Keroro Platoon's base, the alien breaths in, as the Keroro Platoon think he's about to attack, until the alien know as Shin Keroro sneezes, making the platoon fall over. He questions where he came from and how he ended up in the Keroro Platoon's Base, Keroro answering. Shin instantly goes back through the hole he made, as Tomosu is seen climbing into said hole. However, Shin flies up into the sky taking Tomosu with him. Shin introduces himself to Tomosu and says that he is his friend, confusing Tomosu even more. Meanwhile everyone else is looking in shock (Except Myou and Kururu). Later, on the beach we saw earlier Tomosu is still standing there this time with Shin Keroro. Shin asks if they will go on many adventures together on Pekopon, Tomosu answering yes.

Keroro File 009

Keroro Gunsou episode 234

Now, what should go next? I bet it's going to be File: 010, PPGZ 2, and maybe Keroro 160 or Keroro 210. So stay tuned for more! How's that? Ke-Kero!