Keroro is messing the train

Keroro is messing the train
Don't make a mess.

The Pink Panther series

The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

Fighting for justice

Hamtaro fansubs

Hamtaro fansubs

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keroro 326 HD is out with news!

Keroro 326 is the new episode that it was subbed now!

Here's the titles Chibi Kero, Childhood Summer Fireworks. De Arimasu! / Keroro, Swimsuit Beauty Contest. De Arimasu!

Keroro telling the story when they were kid, Zeroro's mom won't let him go see the space fireworks festival, but Keroro ad others thinking the way to get Zeroro out of house. UmaUma bars are very yummy bars of the Keron. Prayboy magazine is in capboard. Maybe his dad hid it from wife. Keroro want to win the contest but only Mois participate. Anyway, Natsumi and Koyuki's adult time don't have many time. Who will win?


Here's version 2 of better subs DOWNLOAD LINK

It was subbed by me.

It's good!

Konatsu and Koyuki not win. Prayboy!

I guess Momoka doesn't see this.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dororo 1 is out ~de go monkey!

Dororo Special Episode is out! First is Dororo, The Big Chance! De Arinasu! / Dororo, Escaping His Trauma. De Arimasu!

Dororo speaks in english very good. 

He doesn't decide of anything, but this ring is controling his mind to decide the plan.

Dororo haves many nicknames.

It's been a long time until I finish it.


Next up Keroro 130 or 308 and 320. KeKero!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Keroro 104-129 batch by Keroro Fansubs.

After 3 years of 3rd season of Keroro Gunsou, finally, Keroro 104-129 batch is out!

You will find all episodes that you watched already. Some episodes like: Giroro searching for hobby, Poyan, Viper older, Mecha Viper and Viper female, Mecha Nyororo, Wet King, Karara and Chiroro, Gero-sama, Giro-sama, Chibi Kero, Kiruru Dot, Kiruru Version X-52, Gairu, Dororo's mother, Mois's dairy, Keroro Platoon copy robots, hamburgers, Adult Momoka, Geronian, RPG world, Dasonu Mali, Keroro mosquito, Sushi bar, Sea cucumbers, Tiger-horse, Tamama adult, Kururu's island and more. Torrent Link for the batch.

Keroro 130 coming soon.

By Radekiman.