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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Hamtaro fansubs

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The hiatus is over! More Keroro episode coming soon!

I'm back from my 10 month hiatus without any new Keroro Gunsou subbed episodes! I wasn't active for 10 months and I couldn't make new subbed episodes at all. But now the hiatus is over and there are more Keroro Gunsou episodes to be subbed. Keroro Gunsou 183 will be out this month or May as I had the daily life to deal with. And I decided I will re-sub Keroro Gunsou episodes 160-182 with better subtitles. Powerpuff Girls Z, Keroro Flash and Hamtaro episodes will still expect some episodes to be subbed. I will also keep looking for some non-laugh track and laugh track pink panther cartoons in a meanwhile. I'm also planning to sub other anime like Kyoro-chan, Rerere no Tensai Bakabon, and Ninja Boy Rantaro if you are interested.
Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Keroro Gunsou treasure hunting episode 182 is out!

Hello, everyone, Just because vacations arrive soon doesn't mean we can't get new Keroro episodes. Well, today we are having another update with the brand new episode all about buried treasure! The titles for today's epoisode are...

Keroro 182 - Keroro, Treasure Special. De Arimasu! / Tamama VS Tamama. De Arimasu!

Today's episode will take back to the past where samurai obey their lord to carry out his precoius money to bury it from bad ninjas who were after it, Keroro and Giroro are samurai in disguese as herb salesmen where thiy put the feudal lord's money so no one will steal it. During their journey, Keroro took the wooden figure of Warrior Gundam which was a trap of bad ninjas who were waiting to take away the box with money in it, but then Giroro and Keroro ruan away from them and found a hideos where they can be safe for a while until the bad ninjas find them. When Keroro dropped the box with money in it, it turned out to be a rock inside the box, which means they got fooled by the lord and they've been used as decoys to lure these ninjas, but Keroro and Giroro had one thing to do to carry out their role as samurai.to bury Warrior Gundam inside the box while fighting with ninjas. The Copy Robot that was used in their invasion is operating by itself and took a shape of Tamama. Two Tamamas in one town is enough but also confusing which one is real or fake. The copy has different eyes, feet and has a button in its back while the real one doesn't, so in order to tell which Tamama is real, Keroro and the others suggest to open a contest to compare them both to see who is the real Tamama. So the contest begins with the first contest of snack eating eding with a draw, then moving out to another contest in which the fake Tamama wins, and the final round of Tamama Impact wins the fake Tamama. What's going on? Why is that Tamama acting weird to everyone? Are they copies, too? Tamama himself must solve this case on his own!

Keroro Gunsou 182

Next update will be all about Garuru's vacation on Earth. Man, this time Garuru has gotten right place to spend more time with Giroro. Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Keroro Gunsou insect episode 181 is out!

Hi, guys! One month passed and was no update for Keroro episodes being subbed, but today there is a new update of the new Keroro episode! Today we are dealing with some insects and the return of Ouka in this new Keroro Gunsou episode 181. The title are...

Mushishi, Searching for the Insects' Placement. De Arimasu! / Momoka, The Struggle for the Three-Legged Race! De Arimasu!

The insect expert, Mushishi, arrived to Earth to do some reaserch on the insects by placing them everywhere to bring everyone's bad mood. Why does an old assassin have to collect so much insects? Well, it's his hobby. The Keroro Platoon is willing to help him to collect these insects so they can put them in the right place to soothe Natsumi's mood. I wonder if she stops being mad at Keroro if this really works. It's sports festival day and Baio hunts for Ouka who is heading to do the three-legged race with Momoka, but in order to stop her, Baio hired the Keroro Platoon to buy him some time so he can participate at the race with Momoka. Ouka will do anything to stop Baio before she gets there first, but how much can the mother go through? Maybe it's time to show Baio and Ouka how the fighters are made of!

Keroro Gunsou episode 181

Next update is gonna be all about the buried treeasure and Tamama versus Tamama? Two Tamamas at the same time? Who's the real Tamama? Maybe the second one is also real? We will get the bottom of this in the next update, so stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Keroro Gunsou Episode 180 Karara Returns is out!

Hello, everyone! Guess wwho has returned? Karara has returned an plans to be Keroro's bride now! OK, let's get to the business and see what we got for today's update.

Keroro 180: Keroro, The Grand War Contest! De Arimasu!

Karara and Chiroro once again arrived to Earth and brought a lot of Gunpla for Keroro, Tamama is jealous about seeing it, and challenges Karara in a big war contest to see just who will win Keroro's heart.

But Mois doesn't care about their fight because she is not born to fight over Keroro. The situation gets worse and Mois couldn't take it while managing to destroy the Earth, but Pururu (in a Pekoponian suit?) appears o stop her by karate chopping her to stop this madness. Later, after Karara and Chiroro got scolded by Pururu, Joriri comes in and gave them an awkward advice to not give up and get Keroro on their own. Karara and Chiroro accept Keroro's request to invade Pekopon for him with a mecha Karara, but Tamama doesn't want them to invade and started find over Keroro again. Even Pururu couldn't stop them as they call her an old lady. Who's gonna settle this madness down? Mois is our last hope!

Keroro Gunsou 180

Next update is gonna be about bugs and Ouka fighting with Baio for the three-legged race. You know the meaning "to be bugged?" I'm sure you do. And who's that old Keronian? We'll see the mystery in the next update! Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Keroro episode 179 and Flash episode 015 with Keroro standing for election are out!

Hello, everyone! There are some days left for spring to come up, and it's time for a little update of Keroro Gunsou episodes! Today we have Keroro standing for electing and Natsumi and Giroro on a desert! Also, Keroro fighting with the fake Keroro Corps! The titles are...

Keroro 179 - Keroro! Let's Stand for Election. De Arimasu! / Natsumi & Giroro, the Two Who are Unable to Return. De Arimasu!

Flash:015 - Fighting Keroro A.K.A The Fake Keroro Army Corps

This episode is all about Keroro who wants to stand for election to become the mayor of Inner Tokyo, but to invade Earth that way. Keroro works hards to get voted by people of Inner Tokyo, but Natsumi doesn't want him to be elected. I wonder if he is really going to be elected or not?

After having a little snacktime at Giroro's tent, Keroro pushed a daruma doll to the fridge, but it got stuck so he pushed harder and casuing the fridge to rip the warp of space-tme while sending Natsumi and Giroro to another place, somewhere on a desert. Without any communication with the base, Giroro and Natumi must survive through the deseret and fighting with spidery things that attack them blatanly. Are Natsumi and Giroro return to the normal world, or is there no way to go back?

In the flash episode, Black Star sends 6 yellow-colored fake copies of Keroro who are smarter than him and more ugly and odd. They were torturing Natsumi with a leech, but then Keroro arrives to beat the Fake Keroro Army Corps up, With mistaking Kururu as one of fake Keroros, Keroro truly is powerful when it comes to fight, even Shin Keroro was amazed by his powerful stress! That'd teach a lesson for Black Star not to deal with Keroro himself sending some of his copies around here!

Keroro episode 179

Keroro Flash 015

Next update will be... Karara returns to marry Keroro this time? Wait, did she give up on Giroro already? I guess she did. Well, with Pururu and Tamama around, nothing can possibly go wrong. Joriri will appear, too? That's a shame if Mois manages to get through all of this. Stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Keroro Gunsou episode 178 Momoka becomes a ghost is out!

Hey there, everyone! It's time to release never-seen episode about becoming a ghost! Naturally, Momoka will become a living ghost! The title for this episode is...

Keroro 178: Momoka the Ghost, The Phantom of the Hinata Residence. De Arimasu!

This episode is all about Momoka to be by Fuyuki's side all the time, but because she can't say anything simpler, she always failed when it comes to talk with Fuyuki. The only way to be close to him is to become a ghost. Yes, Momoka wants to be a ghost, a living ghost, that is..Keroro accepted her offer to turn her into a ghost by promising him a reward. But the Keroro Platoon doesn't know that Kururu disposed non-flammable objects to the machine that had Omiyo the spirit possessed the legless Zeong and suddenly caused the machine emitate a massive power of ghostification. Momoka was praying for filfulling her wish to become a ghost and always be by Fuyuki's side. And after the machine finished the ghostification, Momoka has disappeared from the device, meaning that she is now a ghost. Nopt only that, she also met Omiyo in the first time ever since the previous episode which happened in the 1st or 2nd season, explaining that she was the only who stopped Momoka from going to the place where she would never be able to come back to the real world. So in return, she will guide her to the places she should know about the Hinatas. But what's the point of becoming a ghost? I mean, now that Momoka is a ghost, she can be closer to Fuyuki forever, but it's not. Why, you ask? Well, let's find out ourselves to know the clue.

Keroro Gunsou 178

Next update will be something special! Yes, Keroro will be standing for the election to berome a mayor of Inner Tokyo, and not only he will run an election, Keroro will have to face-to-face with his own clones during the grand battle of Keroros! You can't miss those episodes while you add it! Don't forget to vote for Keroro in an upcoming update. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Keroro Gunsou Gunpla Man episode 177 is out!

Finally, the first release in 2017! Anyway, hello, everyone! It's time for the new update in this year! This time we have a Gas Keronian and Dangale revival. Here are the titles:

Keroro 177: Dokuku, Gas Keronian #1. De Arimasu! / Keroro The First Gunpla Man on Pekopon. De Arimasu!

This episode is about another minion from the Shurara Army Corps, his name is Dokuku. Dokuku is a gas Kerinoan who acts like a ghost, but he's actually a form of gas that can enter the other people's vody to control them. Dokuku is a younger brother of Giruru a liquid Keronian who fought with Giroro in episode 169, so he's goal is to rescue him. I wonder why everyone thinkg he is a ghost? And what does he want from the Keroro Platoon? Keroro wants to become the president of the Gunpla company, but to do so, he must sale idea to the other directors to revive the rarest item in the whole world - Dangale! Yes, Dangale is really rare nowadays, and it's easy to revive it. But being a businessman isn't that easy, all you have to do is to work part-time to get promotions. For Keroro, any kind of errands may go as easy as they can. Let's wish Keroro to become the president of the company. No, wait, this is just a plan for their invasion...

Keroro Gunsou 177

Next update is going to be spooky again because Momoka wants to become a ghost. What a weird request. But how will thid turn out? Well, stay tuned! How's that? Ke-Kero!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keroro Gunsou Chibi Kero episode 176 is out in New Year 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone! 2017 has arrived, but not in some regions. Anyway, to welcome the new year, I'll present you the brand new subbed episode of Keroro Gunsou with Chibi Kero this time! The title for this episode is...

Chibi Kero, Farewell, Summer Vacation! De Arimasu!

This episode is about the summer homework where Fuyuki and Natsumi's hard work was messed up by someone, suspecting Keroro, but it turned out Keroro didn't do that. So in order to help them out with theit homework, Keroro tells them about his childhood of how he experiences his summer vacation and his homework. Keroro was running around to ask his friends to do his homework, but they refused. Then Joriri came along to help him out and make him a footstool so he can support his foot on. But no matter how much he worked, Joriri wasn't happy enough to support his foot on the footstools Keroro made. Zeroro's morning glories have all withered and Keroro asks him to take one of them to liven it up. Suddenly, Keroro finds a weird chemical, thinking it's a nurtrient medicine that will liven the morning glory up, but instead, it begins to gorw so fast and turned itself into a monster. Keroro named it as the Morning Glorion. Now then, Keroro and his friends must stop Morning Gloorion before ig gets outside to destroy the city.

Keroro Gunsou 176

I'm wishing everyone a happy new year! And I'm wishing everyone to look forward to more Keroro Gunsou epiusodes, along with the other shows like Hamtaro, Powerpuff Girls Z, The Pink Panther and more! The next update for the new year 2017 is going to be about the Shurara Army Corps, and this time is Dokuku. You'll have to wait to see him in action, so stay tuned. How's that? Ke-Kero!