Keroro is messing the train

Keroro is messing the train
Don't make a mess.

The Pink Panther series

The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

Fighting for justice

Hamtaro fansubs

Hamtaro fansubs

Monday, June 27, 2011

Keroro 273 & 308 are out and some news!

Hi there! It's been 6 days after my last subbed episode, but there are two episodes out today!

Oh yes! It's Keroro 273 and Keroro 308 HD episode. Titles of 2 episodes are:

Keroro 273: Keroro, Training is OK. De Arimasu! / Koyuki, Showdown! Battle of the Midsummer Beach. De Arimasu!

Keroro 308: Keroro, A Nightmare on the 3rd Planet. De Arimasu! / Nocturnal Sergeant Keroro. De Arimasu!

As you know, This boy from nowhere doesn't have a name, but they named him Yamada-kun for the sake. He's actually another Dasonu Maso, but I'll call him Dasonu Maso II, he is the son of the original. Everyone like comedy, because it haves laugh, gags, humour, and joy. That's why comedian use a cold joke to make laugh everyone who heard it before. I don't say why Keroro had a weird dream that he and his crew finally invaded the Earth. Suddently a strange thing appears from nowhere. I think you know what your dreams are. 



You want to know what is coming next? I'll tell you, it's Keroro 275 about Golf. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keroro Gunsou 285 is out with news!

Hello. I've subbed Keroro Gunsou 285, and it's out! Titles: Aki, Earth's First Line of Defense! De Arimasu! / Natsumi, Emergency! Parent-Visiting Conference.

Zurara and Gururu are the bullies from Keroro's childhood. Now they are bandits invaders.

Kuru, Kitokuru! Be careful, Kururu will catch you, and do some shots on his tape to make a DVD and sell it.


Next up is probably Keroro 308 HD episode. So how's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keroro Gunsou 277 has been subbed!

Yes sir! Keroro Gunsou 277 is out! And with Kero Zero episode!
Titles: Kero Zero, The Take-Out in Space! De Arimasu! / Kero Zero, A Formula for Eating. De Arimasu!

Kiko Katoyama is an Earthling just like us. She is a Mecha Designer who designs many machines.
But as you know, we can't order any take-outs on the travel like, airplanes, trains, ships, and bus. That's why we must eat our home made food. If anyone don't know how to take care of the farm, you need some fertilizer to keep your vegetables grow pretty and healthy. No one can't see the scene that the Keroro Platoon are using an old Earth method. It's because of taking a poop.
Well, it looks like the blob have a name "Butt Firecracker". And it can speak too. Too bad they are eating Type-G.
Next up is Keroro 285 this time Zurara and Gururu show. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keroro 287 Kero Zero episode is out!

Hi! Another Keroro Gunsou has been subbed by me, it's Keroro 287! Titles are: Natsumi, Stopping With a Hiccuping~ De Arimasu! / Kero Zero, Awaited Person of the Training Planet. De Arimasu!

Do you know what is hiccups?  HIccup is a myoclonus of the diaphragm that repeats several times per minute. In humans, the abrupt rush of air into the lungs causes the vocal cords to close, creating a "hic" sound. In Japanese also have this hiccups, so there is a method to stop hiccuping is to scare. Kero Zero episode is all about Ruby, you know? The words "Ruby" and "Sapphire" are the meaning of type for diamonds. I'm not kidding. The blob can speak, it said Butt Firecracker.  Giroro is not Sapphire! Opa pi! You gonna love Powered Natsumi.


Next up Keroro 277, this time Kero Zero! How's that? Ke-Kero!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Keroro Gunsou 293 Gero Gero 30 minutes is subbed by Radekiman!

Hey, Keroro Gunsou 293 Gero Gero 30 minutes has been subbed by me!

Title is: Once Again Gero Gero 30 Minutes. De Arimasu!

Including 13 stories in one episode. 

I can't tell which one are. Anyways, it about Feng Shui, under one room the ball, letters, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Dreams, Memories, Koyuki searching for Saburo's living, and live-action Keroro Gunsou!


Do you know Gero Gero is took only 20 minutes? I don't know. KeroXTama really freaks me out about listening this letter from a boy who loves their program.

Next up is Keroro 287, this time better and new. How's that? Ke-Kero!