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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The global warming episode 220 and Super 723 File: 006 are here!

Welcome again, everyone! It's time for another update of the new subbed episode of Keroro Gunsou and Keroro Flash series! Let's start with today's titles.

Keroro Gunsou 220: Keroro, What is Global Warming? De Arimasu! / Sababa, The Devil King of the Desert. De Arimasu!

Keroro File: 006: Monstrous Earth Girl Super Natsumi, Arrives! A.K.A Sister's Transformation

The episode 220 tell about Earth's global warming like, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, heat, temperature, and cold. There's no much to say about this episode, but Keroro wants to use it for invasion to stop Earth's global warming. There are so many details what to do to stop global warming, use ecofriendly bags instead of the plastic bags, replacing fossil fuel with a corn fuel, turninng the air conditioner's temperature up and down, andfinally senting the capsule with Guiwowo trapped inside to the summit to complete their invasion.  ou must necessarily watch this episode.

During the trip to the Egypt, the Keroro Platoon and Fuyuki are exploring inside the pyramid to find a buried treasure the ancient Keronians left. While falling into an empty room, Keroro pressed the cobra symbol on the floor and launched the controller to create sand artificial Kerinian, Sababa and his minions. They were used to build the pyramids and the Sphinx, but the truth is they rebelled against the ancient Keronians and were sealed inside the pyramid over hundreds of years. And now their seal is removed, they will cause another chaos on Earth. Will the Keroro Platoon stop them before it's too late?

Keroro File: 006 is based on Chapter 20.5 of the manga, and it wasn't even included in Anime version of Keroro Gunsou at all. How sadly. But it's the first episode of the Flash series to include this chapter and it haves so many changes like Super 723's hair is colored blonde rather than being fully pink.
The episode starts with Natsumi and Fuyuki walking to school. Fuyuki appears to be in a great mood, while Natsumi is shown to be extremely tired. Fuyuki notices this and questions it, Natsumi threatening her brother. She explains that the Keroro Platoon kept her up all night with their resonance. Fuyuki noting of how he didn't even hear them. The conversation however is interrupted when Mutsumi is shown tossing a reality pen, than tosses a paper down onto Natsumi. Meanwhile, Keroro is holding a meeting, asking his platoon mates to come up with ideas. Tamama raises his hand first and says that he would turn all off Pekopon's water into cola, and have them all eat sweets and snacks. Giroro says that they should make an army with the Pekoponians, than invade with them. Kururu motions something about bottles, while Dororo talks about how beautiful Pekopon is only to get shut down by Keroro and Tamama. Keroro says that his idea is about invading Pekopon through toys and gaming. Keroro than says that now that they all had good plans they can start invading.
However a strange voice is heard, The voice belongs to a girl named Super Natsumi (Super 723), she explains how Mutsumi drew her to fight evil. Giroro than attacks Super 723, only to get punched into a wall. Keroro then has Kururu pull a lever, the world changing into a different dimension. Super 723 seems very confused at the change when Giroro comes back to attack, and it fails once again. Keroro questions Super 723's power as she explains that Mutsumi made her 100 times more powerful than the Normal Natsumi. She than prepares to attack Keroro, when the drawing of Super 723 is ruined. Natsumi and Keroro are confused, as Mutsumi is seen ripping the drawing, laughing along with Tamama. Keroro than states that they can now invade, as Natsumi stands confused. Soon Fuyuki is seen brushing his teeth with Cola, and Natsumi appears dressed for combat, both very sad about the turn out. As you can see, this was the first time the Keroro Platoon's plan succeed without a failer.

.Oh, I also found this interesting fact. The scene of Dororo reading a book on lighted candle wasn't included in TV version at all. Instead, they show a scene with Keroro watching TV. This scene can only be founded on Japanese DVD or the International versions like Italy, China or Thailand. Click the picture below to view it.

Keroro Gunsou episode 220

Keroro File: 006

Well, that's all for today, but the next update will be in next couple of days. And I got some good news, the Keroro Gunsou Have a Laugh series is annouced to be released in March or at the end of Febuary. More information about the upcoming subbed episodes or shows will be added on this blog. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keroro Gunsou 257 the Remake of the first episode and File: 005 save Natsumi and Fuyuki from Viper!

Hello there! Like I said, there will be an update! Yes, more Keroro Gunsou episodes and Files! Let's move on with two subbed episodes, shall we?

Keroro 257: Keroro, Revision of the First Episode! De Arimasu!

File: 005: Keroro Platoon United

In Keroro 257 The Keron HQ orders Keroro to create a remake of the first episode for the show named "The Keroro Platoon War Chronicles", which has become really popular on Planet Keron, and he gather the entire platoon to think about ideas for this episode. Unfortunately, instead of  the Hinatas, Keroro will use 3D CG Holograms to make things much better.But Giroro and the others have different ideas and Keroro doesn't like them, so the recording of the first episode isn't going well as expected. Keroro doesn't like the idea being captured just like he did in the first episode, he then gets angry and snatched the script of the remake and told everyone to restart the whole thing, but the members revolted him and beat him up, leaving him create the new first episode alone. Keroro stayed up all night finishing the remake without giving up or taking a nap and he finally complete it. The next day, Keroro called out the member to watch the remake of the first episode, later after this episode ends, they assessed that it was a good episode and Mois was ready to send it to the HQ, but Keroro stops her and deletes the data, he then explain to them if everyone appears in this episode together, there'll be a great impact for the viewers. And so the remake of the first episode of the Keroro Platoon War Chronicles is done! Will the viewers like it? We will see soon.

In Keroro File: 005: is a recall of the episode 13b, when Dororo and Koyuki got kipnapped by their arch-enemy, Viper, and the Keroro Platoon must save them before it's too late. Now that the Keroro Platoon got gathered, they can now conquer Pekopon! On to the story. Keroro is seen talking with Giroro about the invasion of Pekopon, Giroro commenting on Keroro not even doing one thing. Keroro is about to object when a letter flies into his forehead. It is revealed to be a hologram of Viper as he says that he has kidnapped Keroro's fellow Pekoponians (Natsumi and Fuyuki) and that if he wants them back he has to come to Viper's location. Keroro immediately gathers up his Platoon, as they head off to fight Viper. Viper is than shown with Natsumi and Fuyuki, the latter tied up. Natsumi is shown trying to bargain her way out, but to no avail. However, the Keroro Platoon appear and do an attack called Keroro-Platoon-One-Hit-Deathblow, Viper is soon knocked out, as the Keroro Platoon celebrate their victory, and decided to continue the invasion. Fuyuki notes on how hard it's now going to be now, as Natsumi says that they should go through the original rescue plan.

Keroro Gunsoy 257

Keroro File: 005

Well, that's all of today's update, but the next one is coming pretty soon with something special! Keroro Gunsou's have a laugh series is still on progress, so stay tuned for more information about this show. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Keroro 230 Doraemon parody and File: 004 are here!

Hello, everyone! Now it's time to release more subbed episodes of Keroro Gunsou and Flash series!

Keroro 230: Momoka, The Economic Plan of Love. De Arimasu! / Zeroro, Here Comes Kikaka! De Arimasu!

Keroro File: 004: The House-Cleaning Alien

In Keroro 230 The Nishizawa Group is going to use the Lovey-Dovey Plan Number 138, but this plan will cost too much money, so they have to use a liitle amount of money in order to help Momoka and Fuyuki overcome this dangerous crisis and fall in love.

The money they are going to use is 300 Yen. Momoka and Fuyuki will live in 556's apartment where the dangerous things will happen. But Natsumi, Tamama and Keroro will get in Paul's way, and he must use the force to not disturb them falling in love. 556 will go home in 10 hours. Will Momoka's plan of getting closer to Fuyuki succeed this time?

Zeroro encountered with a wild Andromiedian Husky while heading for the school, and got a dead end. Then suddenly, a mysterious robot came from nowhere and saved Zeroro from the Andromedian Husky. His name is Kikaka and he become Zeroro friends and leave in his house. Zeroro tells him to stay in his bed not to let his mom know him or else he will get in big trouble. Then Zeroroshows Keroro and Giroro Kikaka making them surprised, but the bullies arrives to play a soccer here and one of them kick Zeroro out, then Kikaka use his juice maker (The bullies thought it's some kind of a weapon.) and they ran away before he was about to treat them with orange juice.

A few days later, a combat robot escaped from the Keron Army Reseach Laboratory and is now in the loose. Everyone thinks it's Kikaka, but it's not. It's Kiruru Biotech version. Will Zeroro save his friend, Kikaka, from that Kiruru?

In File: 004: It's a recall of Keroro Gunsou episode 39b about house cleaning in the Hinata residence, but in this episode, Giroro and Mois don't appear, so all references to them are removed in this series. . Though the Hinatas cleans their house in Spring, while in Anime near the end of the old year. Anyway, the episode begins with the Hinatas cleaning up their home, as it's Spring Cleaning Day. Natsumi is shown wiping a window,wondering why the dirt is not coming off of it. Keroro then jumps in and shows Natsumi what to do, Natsumi is shown impressed. Later Aki  is shown vacuuming, saying that she always leaves it to her children to watch the house and that today she is going to work herself. However, Keroro pulls the plug to Aki's vacuum and says that she is doing it wrong. Keroro teaches Aki the right way of cleaning. Aki is surprised and states that it's magic, Keroro agreeing. Fuyuki is seen going through his books, wondering which ones he should keep, and which he should throw away. He decides to put them aside for now, until Keroro is seen tying the books up and packing them away. Fuyuki is questioning what Keroro is doing and Keroro states about what will happen to them if they are kept. Fuyuki realizes that he won't be able to buy new books and thanks Keroro for helping him. Fuyuki than asks if Keroro would do the same with his Gundam Models, Keroro deciding to keep the books for Fuyuki. Natsumi is later shown cleaning the bathroom and taking a bath herself, as she wonders why some of the water isn't coming off. She briefly thinks about what to do. Until Keroro comes in explaining how to clean and disrupting her bath. Natsumi responds by throwing Keroro out a window. The next day, Keroro is shown holding a metal hex nut, complaining about how it's not burnable.

Next update will out next 4 days, so stay tuned! Ke-Kero!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year 2015 welcome new episode of Keroro Gunsou 212 and Keroro File: 003!

Welcome everyone in 2015 year! Just as promised, there will be an update of the new episodes! Woo-hoo! Let's move on, shall we?

Keroro Gunsou 212: Keroro, Don't Look at That! De Arimasu! / 556 VS Space Superintendent. De Arimasu!

Keroro File: 003: Alien Observation

In Keroro Gunsou episode, Keroro caused another trouble in the Hinata residence and made Natsumi angry again, then Giroro tells him to be ready for the training camp at the Kujukuri Planet tomorrow. Later Keroro got a call from Tamama to meet at 8 am, but Keroro found Natsumi's photo that Giroro dropped while packing his luggage, and used a marker to draw some doodles on it.

Next day the Keroro Platoon arrived to the Kujukuri Planet once again and put their training uniforms. Then suddenly, Tamama can't find his uniform, but Dororo tells him to borrow his backup uniform because he left his in his room.

Then Keroro and Giroro remember something about that photo. Keroro drew some doodles on it and he forgot to hide it. Giroro wrote a hot message on the back of the photo so Natsumi won't be able to find it, and now they are in big trouble.

Keroro must call Mois to hide it, while Giroro will ask Fuyuki to help him keep it away. Will Keroro and Giroro make it in time to hide thast photo from Natsumi?

556 and Lavie are watching the shooting stars, while Lavie proposed 556 to make a wish before they disappear. Then the big shooting star was heading for 556 and landed on ti, but it was just a spaceship that belongs to the Space Superintendent K and he disguise himself as 556 to find the spca criminal Amoeba who has escaped while escorting him to the space jail.

Will 556 and Space Superintendent K work out together to capture that criminal?

In File: 003, The Hinatas gave Keroro a room in order to do the household chores, and his invasion is about to begin. In next morning, Aki thought of an idea to put a camera on Keroro's room and observe him, Fuyuki was chose to be observing him in order to see what he is doing. What kind of the invasion is Keroro plotting? Will he find out the camera?

Keroro Gunsou 212

Keroro File: 003

The future of the  "Keroro Gunsou's Have a Laugh! De Arimasu!" series! got a good light.

Yeah. Next update will be Keroro File: 004 and something good too. How's that? Ke-Kero!