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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Hamtaro fansubs

Monday, September 7, 2015

Keroro Gunsou episode 209 Ninja Koyukiis out!

Hi there! Keroro Gunsou episode 209 has been subbed! It tells about Koyuki who wants to give up on the habit of being a ninja.

Keroro 209: Koyuki, I Don't Want to be a Ninja Anymore. De Arimasu!

On a sunny day, Natsumi and the others are playing volleyball during the break at school and then Koyuki was charge to hit the ball, but she accidently destroy it. Satsuki and Natsumi calm Koyuki not to worry about it. When Koyuki was in her way to go home, it started to rain, then a man arrives and asks Koyuki and take an umbrella. When Koyuki saw him, it was Shigure, Koyuki's childhood friend from the  ninja village. They haven't seen each other from many years, then Shigure invites her to join his ninja organization SIP (Secret Inteligent Party) to make former ninjas survive in the modern days.In Koyuki's past, Shigure told her to become a cloud once and be free during their training of becoming ninjas.

Meanwhile, the Keroro Platoon is starting the new plan of wearing red and white fashion trend that gains big popularity on Earth, but they don't know this fashion trend has added herb effects in which people have gone into a helpless status. SIP is behind this. Later on, Koyuki's been acting weird at school for some reason because she was told by Shigure to join his side to maximize her abilities. The situation goes worse when Shigure begs Koyuki to join them and become a part of their operation.

Koyuki agreed and joined the organization to use inteligence abilities for their friends and take control over society. But first, they must get rid of the Keroro Platoon who are on their way. Koyuki is no longer the same ninja she was before. Is there a hope here? What is going to happen?

Keroro Gunsou episode 209

Next up is something weird and uncool you won't believe it..I mean it has to do with cavities or even a new Keronian's appearance. Maybe it's time for Shin Keroro to shine his debut as a new main character. How's that? Ke-Kero!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Keroro Gunsou the cell phone episode 208 is out!

I'm back, everyone! I've been on vacation over 3 months and returned with a new subbed Keroro Gunsou episode 208!

Keroro 208: Giroro, a Man's Backup. De Arimasu! / Keroro, The Best Mobile Phones Plan! De Arimasu!

This one tells about Giroro and backup. The story begins where Keroro found a disc with recored episode of Admiral Geroro on Alien Street, but a space computer virus Willy came up and start taking over the secret base and the Hinata's house. Then this virus went to launch the final weapon to detonate the Earth into ashes and pieces. Without any help of Keroro who was said to be holding a system backup which he didn't have no idea, Giroro volunteers to go to the secret base and eliminate Willy. One of them is the original, but some of them are copies so it'd be difficult to figure out who is the original Willy. Giroro needs a backup to defeat them! Next one is about cell phones, so get ready! Keroro just opened a cell phone business and created a brand new cell phone called "K-Phone" in which it can do anything like counterattacking bad guys, cooking, watch tv, etp. etp. But soon Keroro realize this cell phone can invade, so he and his platoon must make a contract in order to start invading Pekopon. Will their play succeed this time?

Keroro Gunsou 208

Since I'm back to my duty, next update will be someday in September. So stay tuned! Ke-Kero!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hamtaro Episode 24 Hamtaro come home is out!

Hi! It's been a while since last update. But today is non Keroro Episode, it's Hamtaro episode!

Episode 24 - Run, Hamtaro!

This episode is probably one of my favorites. Why? In this episode, Hamtaro get lost while taking a walk with Laura, during his journey to get home, he meets Jingle his old pal, and Sabu, an alley Hamster. Laura and her parents are trying best to find Hamtaro, even the Ham-Hams help searching for him to return to them. Will Hamtaro return to Laura and his friends?

One day Laura takes Hamtaro for a walk and wears her new favorite red ribbon. Suddenly the red ribbon blows off Laura’s head and lands in a box on a transport truck. Hamtaro jumps into the box to rescue it, but Hamtaro and the ribbon get whisked away. The truck takes Hamtaro into the deep countryside and when the truck hits a bump, he and the ribbon fly out the back. Hamtaro then sets off through a blizzard and after collapsing from exhaustion a kind man and his dog find him and begin nursing him back to health.
In the meantime, the hamster network is busy distributing “Missing Hamster” posters, trying to find Hamtaro. Soon Hamtaro is well enough to travel again so he bids his kind friends’ farewell. While trying to find his way, he runs into the Ham-poet, Jingle and they hitch a ride on Herbert, the pink pig. They encounter the rambling hamster, Sabu, who recognizes Hamtaro from the “Missing Hamster” posters. Sabu asks his friend, Fran├žoise the white pigeon, to help carry Hamtaro on the last leg of his journey home. When Hamtaro is reunited with the Ham-Hams and an overjoyed Laura, he has a lot of stories to tell.

Episode 24

I need to thank Kristo-Ham for fixing typos and grammars, without him, this episode will never be done.

The Next update will be for 100% Keroro episode. How's that? Bye-Q!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keroro Gunsou fishing episode 222 on a rainy day!

Hi there, huys! It's time to realese another Keroro Gunsou episode that it's all about summer vacation. Yes, I mean it!

Keroro Gunsou 222: Keroro, Fishing Rice Crackers on a Rainy Day! De Arimasu! / Keroro, Fireworks and Memories. De Arimasu!

This story is about a very nostalcig game that starts with the Hinatas arrive to Akina's house for vacation, but it's raining and they can't go outside to catch bugs, or go swimming in the river. Then Tamama thinks about Kururu to come here and stop the rain, but Keroro tells him he went out to eat curry, so he asked Mois to take care of house. Giroro can'tr go to the river and create any summer memories becuase of raining. So Akina tells them to play fishing rice crackers to spend more time on it. Everyone is enjoying this game, and playing ducks while fishing two pieces of them, while Keroro told them tat it stopped raining, and quickly puts a magnet under the pillow so no one will notice it. Keroro throws the needle on the rice crackers and seizes them up, while everyone notices his little trick, so as a punishment he will sit out for one turn for cheating. Later on, Keroro bets Natsumi to clean up the toilet for one week, while Natsumi for doing all his chores for next month, but Keroro loses because there are no any rice crackers left to play. He then begs Tamama to give him one piece of them, but Tamama refused, making Keroro cry and beg to give a rice crackers, then Natsumi arrives to give him a rice crackers, but Kururu stole it and ate it. But the worst thing is soon to trun out that Aki and her mother want to the store to buy more of rice crakcers, making Keroro touched and pleased, and thus everyone continued playing that game, even after it stopped raining.

Fuyuki and Natsumi wnet swimming to the river, but the Keroro Platoon didn't arrive. Later, they return to Akina's house to eat lunch, but the Keroro Platoon didn't come to eat lunch with them, either. Natsumi and Fuyuki began searching them them all around the house, but then they notice a big decive on the roof, Natsumi takes a ladder to check this out. It was the Keroro Platoon behind this. Then Keroro explain to them that device is for the fireworks festival in order to watch them at Akina's house without going there and looking for a spot, but before they use it, they must ask Akina for a permission to do so. Will they watch the fireworks at her home?

Keroro Gunsou episode 222

Okay, next update will definitely be a Keroro Flash episode, but I hope Shin Keroro will make his debut. Stay tuned. Ke-Kero!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Keroro Gunsou digital episode 264 is out!

Hi there! It's time to release another subbed episode of Keroro Gunsou! What do we have this time?

Keroro Gunsou 264: Keroro, Invasion of the Space Digital Monster! De Arimasu! / Keroro, Transformation. De Arimasu!

556 found an old TV, but Lavie tells him that the TVs are now digital, in which 556 is confused. But suddenly, the Space Digital Monster B-Kolas arrives to Earth to begin its invasion to control everyone by using its digital broadcasting radio waves. Keroro and Lavie are under its control. 556 and the others are the only ones who can stop that monster conquering the Earth. Go, 556! Go, everyone, Earth needs your help! Don't let B-Kolas win the war!

That's terrible! Keroro turned into Acguy because he treated his Gunpla very bad by Gunpla Sprits. Keroro must ask Fuyuki to put him together, but instead he thinks he is an artifact for the occult phenomenon and ran away, but Natsumi threw him into the trash box. Later the Kitten mistakes him as a round ball because cats loves round objects. And Now poor Keroro must fix his problem and care about his previous Gunpla once and for all. Will Keroro return to his normal self not being Acguy anymore?

Keroro Gunsou episode 264

Next up will be something that we don't know what it is. So stay tuned! Ke-Kero!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Keroro Gunsou Shugo Chara episode 306 is out!

Hello! It's about time to release new Keroro Gunsou episode! Shugo chara parody this time!

Keroro Gunsou 306: Shugo Kero, A Heart-beating Party! De Arimasu! / Dororo, Dororou is Coming. De Arimasu!

Keroro is spending his life wasting money on buying stuff through the Internet, but one day, a protection fairy arrives to help him not to waste more money. Then he went to Natsumi to tell her not to waste money, but then Natsumi tells him he's the one who's always wasting money. Then Keroro gives an excuse that he never wasted a single yen yet, and leaves them silently.

Later on, he is still shopping stuff thanks to his fairy, and he checks the computer to buy a new stuff. Then the Protection fairy tells him if he don't buy it, tomorrow it will be sold out, so Keroro rushedto buy it. Then suddenly, another fairy arrives for his sake not to wait too long, but the first time starts struggling with the second one and Keroro tries to stop them, but it didn't work..Then the third one arrives to decide. Together they are the Shugo Kero Party. Soon after Keroro understands their meaning, he returns to buy more stuff to his collection, he will soon realize he will run out of money, and he must earn them by taking some jobs. Keroro doesn't know they are the space creatures who wants to absorb his desire energy, making him weak. Keroro will sell his collection to buy new stuff. Will Keroro stop buying stuff to his collection?

After Keroro got rid of the space creatures, Dororo has been possessed by a space creature during that night, in the next morning, Dororo arrives to the meeting while noticing his cakes is not here, Tamama explains him that he ate his cake by an accident.Dororo was shocked hearing this that Tamama is always forgetting him. The space creatures tells him to take revenge on him and becoming Hatred Dororou, so he will pay for this. He attacked Tamama by giving him a big amount of sweets, later he attacked Giroro by tieing him, making him demon, then he attacked Kururu and turn him really intersting thing, and finally attacked Mois turning her into a soft serve. Keroro doesn't know Dororo is not himself anymore. Will Dororo return to his normal self?

Keroro Gunsou 306

Next update will be very soon, so stay tuned! Ke-Kero!