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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Hamtaro fansubs

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keroro Gunsoy Bakabon episode 261 is on its way!

Hi there. Now it's time for new update. That's right, more Keroro Gunsou! The episode 261 is subbed!

Keroro Gunsou 261: Momoka, The Seat Change Plan. De Arimasu! / 556, My Feelings! De Arimasu!

Every year there is the seat changing during the schools, which means your seat will be changed and you will seat next to the other person. So, Momoka is working hark for this seat change, but not only her, Chiruyo is also ready to get the seat next to Fuyuki. Moreover, Keroro is their teacher again and this time he's named Gerohachi. The transfer students Giroro and Tamama are here to help Keroro draw Momoka's seat number so they will be rewarded by Momoka. Do your best, Momoka!

One day, someone erased Momoka and Koyuki's feelings, and they are acting weird. The Keroro Platoon must find that criminal who stole the important parts of their brains. Meanwhile, 556 is very worried because of the colored box, its shelf is too loose and he does not have any screws to fit into it. The worth of it, Lavie is shocked he only cares about the colored boxed, not her. The only one who stole their memories is the Tasorasorari Alien! Will 556 stop him and save Keroro and the others?

Keroro Gunsou episode 261
Next update will be Keroro File: 008 and something more. Stay tuned! Ke-Kero!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Keroro Gunsou business episode 207 is out!

Hello! Looking for some jobs and don't know where to find? Keroro 207 subbed will help you search for the business jobs!

Keroro Gunsou 207: Keroro, Let's Make a Company. De Arimasu! / Ouka, I'm Coming with the Cherry Blossoms. De Arimasu

This episode tells about Keroro wanting to create a company and thinking for a name for it. He name it Corporation Gerozzi. His previous name was "Banzai", which refers to "Bandai", he almost ripoff its name.
The Keroro Platoon opened their company on that builting when we were running a hamburger joint.
By doing a business here is really a tough work. Will Keroro really be the president?

The life of the cherry blossoms is really short and temporal. It may sometimes saddem people. Like for example, Momoka is sad because she is really missing her mom, Ouka, she the best Street fighter. One day, Momoka gets a letter form her that she is coming to visit her and wait at the cherry tree, and she said she will will get home until all the cherry blossoms fall.Ouka made a promise to Momoka and she must protect the tree no matter what. Will Momoka be albe to see her mother again? You will see at the end Ouka is shocked seeing her daughter hugging Fuyuki.

Keroro Gunsou Episode 207

Next update will be in next 2 day, really short, huh? How's that? Ke-Kero!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keroro Gunsou 304 Keroro without his hat and File: 007 Jump rope of hell are out!

Hello! It's time for another update! This time it's a little sad story about Keroro Gunsou episode 304 and Jumping Keroro Flash 007.

Keroro Gunsou 304: Keroro, Give Me Only That Back, Please! De Arimasu!

Keroro File: 007: Jump Rope of the Universe

In Keroro Gunsou episode 304, Keroro is doing a laundry as usual and he washed his hat too. He even claims that he always wash it.. Then, a big wind blown really fast away, which Keroro said  it was the spring's first wind. Then he saw his hat is flying away and landed on the street which a little girl named Kanae picks it up and then she saw Keroro recalling him as a "Froggy", Keroro then shocks that she exposed him, even though she doesn't know he is an alien. Keroro took a photo with Kana wearing his hat, but Keroro had enough of Kana's playing and wanted his hat back. Then during a little fight, Keroro accidently shiwtched the anti-barrier on, letting Kana disappear and she ran away with it. Later, Keroro went to Kururu's lab to get the Pekponian Suit, but all of them went being safeguarded and sent to the producer. Then Kururu notices that Keroro is wearing a cap instead of his military hat. He also said that hat is the Keron Amry's very previous product, and when someone lost it or snatched it away, that person will be sued to the Military Law Conference, which makes Keroro think he wouldn't do something like that. And so, Keroro must go to Kana's house and get his hat back. Later he arrives to her home and gives a photo her her to return his hat back, but Kana will immediately move out to the new house, Keroro lends her keep his hat in the time of moving out, and Kana was very happy hearing this. But the truth will be exposed, when Mois finds Kana's photo and shows Natsumi and Fuyuki about Kana-chan wearing Keroro hat, but then Keroro arrives and his little secret has been exposed. Then Kururu appears and tells Keroro than Kururu ios going to erase Kana's memories in order not to let her tell anyone about their existence. In the next day, Kana visits the Hinatas with a sad face that the two bullies threw Keroro's hat to the lake, Keroro cheers Kana not to cry and go search for it with Giroro's hat he stole from Giroro. They have been searching for it anywhere, but then the two bullies actually found it, but it has a liitle hole on it. Kana then thank them for finding it and tells Keroro she will sew it up and return it to him. Keroro agrees and let her do it. Later Keroro hears another bad news, Kururu must erase her memories, but Keroro doesn't want this happen. Kururu tells him if they let her memories be like this, their presence will be in danger. Kana visits the Hinatas again and returned his hat with a little gift, a drawing of him. Keroro then hugs Kana they are going to day good-bye and never see each other again, Kururu arrives and erased Kana's memories. When Kana wakes up, she realize why she is sleeping in their house, Fuyuki explain her he came here to give them a farewell, and Natsumi tells her it's late and she should go home now. In the next day, the Tokiwa family was ready to move out, Keroro hid in the bushes to see Kana for the last time, but the kitten was pushing him to go there. Then she grabs his hat and brings it to Kana to remember him for the last time. Keroro watched his drawing without his hat and reclaims they will always be friends.

Keroro File: 007 is all about the jump ropes, I hope you won't get confused.
The episode begins with Fuyuki feeling very sad, due to the fact he can't jump rope. Natsumi is seen jump roping trying to cheer him up and failing. However a voice is heard making both Natsumi and Fuyuki turn. It turns out to be Koyuki and Dororo. Koyuki is shown wondering what Natsumi was doing, as Natsumi offers her a jump rope. Koyuki and Natsumi are about to jump rope together, when Koyuki jumps way to high off the ground and does some ninja techniques. When she lands, Dororo congratulates her. Soon Natsumi teaches Koyuki the right way and they are both seen jump roping, as Fuyuki is still depressed about not being able to jump rope. Tamama and Giroiro walk in and say they can help. Tamama says that he is gonna show Fuyuki how do a Keronian jump rope specialty, but on accident Tamama hits Giroro's knees with the jump rope. Giroro is shown clutching his knees, as Tamama apologizes. Keroro than comes in and says that he can show Fuyuki the right way to jump rope, he than challenges Natsumi to a jump roping challenge, which she accepts. Keroro soon starts jump roping really fast amazing Tamama, Koyuki and Fuyuki. Natsumi however hears buttons being pushed, and she walks towards it seeing Kururu messing with a machine. Keroro is than shown jump-roping so fast he is in the sky. Everyone watches amazed, as Natsumi comes in holding Kururu. Dororo than offers Fuyuki the jump rope, to which Fuyuki accepts. Fuyuki is determined to jump rope properly, and he does. Fuyuki is shown to be very happy, as Koyuki, Dororo, and Natsumi are shown to be proud of him. Meanwhile,Keroro is still jump roping as he is now in space.

Keroro Gunsou 304

Keroro File: 007

That's all for now. Next update will be in next few days. So stay tuned for more episodes and infos! Ke-Kero!