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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Keroro Gunsou episodes 158 and 263 are finally out!

Hello, guys! Long time no see! After 508 days of waiting, Keroro Gunsou episode 158 is finally out! And that'a not only that! Keroro Gunsou 263 is also out! The titles of the episodes are:
Keroro 158: Keroro, Past Glory. De Arimasu! / Giroro, Forbidden Memories. De Arimasu!

Keroro 263: Keroro, A Weevil That Grants Dreams. De Arimasu! / Keroro, Do Your Best, Trash Bag! De Arimasu!

In episode 158 we have some video clips from the previous seasons 1-3, and the Keroro Platoon must send HQ a ducument raport of their invasion of Pekopon within 24 hours. Keroro and eveyone just edited some footage and digitally changed Fuyuki, Natsumi and the others' voices to make this raport more serious, since they don't want to send a load of bull. Second story, Keroro and the others use the Soul Diver to get to Giroro's memories to show Pururu what they have done. But Keroro orders Kururu to alter his memories a bit to be more fun. And Giroro will have a Kururu nightmare!

Episode 263 is all about dreams that come true and a living trash bag named P-Trash. This weevil will give the challenges you must clear, and he'll grant your dream. Will Keroro's dream come true? Taking care a trash bag is kind of strange because Natsumi is taking care of P-Trash Kururu invented. But she must follow the rules before something terrible will happen. Will P-Trash be a good pet for Natsumi? And what is this Recycling System all about?

Keroro Gunsou 158

Keroro Gunsou 263

There's a Schedule of Keroro Gunsou from Keroro-Fansubs, but only 4th season.

Keroro Gunso Episode 155 TV http://home.comcast.net/~Ladholyman/Keroro.html Or DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 156 TV http://home.comcast.net/~Ladholyman/Keroro.html Or DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 157 TV http://home.comcast.net/~Ladholyman/Keroro.html Or DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 158 TV http://home.comcast.net/~Ladholyman/Keroro.html Or DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 159 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 160 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 161 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 162 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 163 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 164 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 165 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 166 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 167 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 168 DVD

Keroro Gunso Episode 169 DVD
BONUS* Keroro Gunsou Movie 3 Keroro VS Keroro, The Great Sky Battle de arimasu! http://home.comcast.net/~Ladholyman/Keroro.html or DIRECT DOWNLOAD

BONUS* Keroro Gunso Short movies:

Chibi Kero, The Secret of the Kero Ball?! DIRECT DOWNLOAD

Musha Kero, Debut! The Big Battle an Sengoku Ran Star!! DIRECT DOWNLOAD

By Radekiman3.

Only few day left until Keoro's new anime! Stay tuned! Ke-Kero!

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  1. hi there!
    i really appreciate the uploads. you're doing great work! :)
    do you have any kind of policy with re-uploads? some of your keroro episode links are broken, and i would love to be able to download them! ;o;