Keroro is messing the train

Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series

The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

Fighting for justice

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Hamtaro fansubs

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Pink Panther Show (1969-1970) Remastered!

Hello, folks! It's time to show you The Pink Panther Show. That's right. It's the original series of the Pink Panther Show, but it's remastered. There's some Pink Panther cartoons were created for the show, with The Inspector cartoons, too. There's a new opening/closing sequence theme song and bumpers, too. On occasion (episodes #021 and #032), the scenario would be reversed, with a Pink Panther entry sandwiched by two Inspector entries. Including the laugh track, of course.

Episode 1: The Pink Blueprint / Bomb Voyage / The Pink Tail Fly

Episode 2: Pinto Pink / Le Pig-Al Patrol / In the Pink

Episode 3:  Jet Pink (Remastered) / The Pique Poquette of Paris / Tickled Pink

Episode 4: The Pink Pill/ Plastered In Paris/ Pink Pistons

Episode 5:  Rock A Bye Pinky/ Toulouse La Trick/ Sink Pink

Episode 6:  Prehistoric Pink / Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat / Come On In! The Water's Pink

Episode 7:  Pink Pest Control / Tour de Farce / Pink-A-Boo

Episode 8:  Pink Panic / Transylvania Mania / An Ounce of Pink

Episode 9:  Prefabricated Pink / Le Bowser Bagger / Sky Blue Pink

Episode 10: Dial "P" for Pink / Napoleon Blown-Aparte / Bully for Pink

Episode 11: Pink Sphinx / Cock-A-Doodle Deux Deux / The Pink Phink 

Episode 12: Pink of the Litter / The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation / Shocking Pink

Episode 13: Pink Valiant / Le Quiet Squad / The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye

Episode 14: Reel Pink / Les Miserobots / Smile Pretty, Say Pink

Episode 15:  Put-Put, Pink / French Freud / Pink is a Many Splintered Thing

Episode 16: Exticnt Pink / Le Great Dane Robbery / The Pink Quarterback

Episode 17:  Genie with the Light Pink Fur / Cherche Le Phantom / Pinknic

Episode 18: G.I. Pink / Carte Blanched / Pinkadilly Circus

Episode 19: Lucky Pink / The Shooting of Caribou Lou / Pink in the Clink

Episode 20:  Little Beaux Pink / Bear de Guerre / The Pink Package Plot

There'll be more episode upcoming, so please wait. How's that? Think Pink!

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