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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Keroro 351 as Gero Gero 15 minutes with 22 stories!

Next week is Gero Gero 15 minutes with 22 stories like Sumomo is coming back, Pururu, Momoka's project T Mask VS Ohira Natsumi, Narrator's first appearence in his own story, Koyuki in manzai, and Giroro find a DVD of Gero Gero another 15 minutes, Keroro's operation and more stories about this.

Titles of first story are:

1st story Keroro, Freak Coincidence of Successful Invasion. De Arimasu! (There's a parody of Road Runner)

2nd story Dororo, This Trauma Switch Wouldn't Stop! De Arimasu!

3rd story Sumomo, Leader for One Day. De Arimasu! (In this Sumomo had different voice it's because it's the 38th generation.)

4th story Keroro, I'm Full of Gunpla. De Arimasu!

5th story Momoka, Project T. De Arimasu!

6th story Dororo, This Trauma Switch Wouldn't Have More!! De Arimasu!

7th story Natsumi VS Masked Ohina. De Arimasu!

8th story Fuyuki, The Secret of Dancing Hieroglyphs. De Arimasu!

9th story Keroro, Natsumi Laughed When They Talking about Next Year. De Arimasu!

10th story Mois, the Secret bookshelf. De Arimasu!

11th story Tamama, Me and My Lovey-Dovey Gunsou-san. Chu!! Based on Dokument in 180 Times! De Arimasu! ( This wasn't showed because Keroro said there's no more time for this, so it's skipped.)

12th story Paul's Moustache. De Arimasu! (This was also too short.)

13th story Koyuki, I Won't Say a Joke Punch Line. De Arimasu! (This was also too short and Keroro kick her out.)

14th story and last until tomorrow Giroro, a Showdown with 89 Degrees Below Zero. De Arimasu! (This was also too short and time went out.)

More stories only few. 15th Story Keroro, Murmur Invasion. De Arimasu!

16th story Giroro, The Invasion will Start Sunday in 6:30PM. De Arimasu!

17th story The Old Keroro Platoon Chronicles. De Arimasu!

18th story Momoka, Project T Revenge. De Arimasu! (It's a continuation of 5th story.)

19th story Tamama, Changed Voices. De Arimasu!

20th story Narrator's Day Off. De Arimasu!

21st story Koyuki & Kururu, Made by Me! De Arimasu!

22nd story Natsumi, After School Secret. De Arimasu!

Extra story added! 23rd story Dororo, Ninja Teacher of Mania. De Arimasu! (And time's up. Sorry!)

This is on air so I will sub it, if it will have a good quality. Ke-Kero!

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  1. Thanks. I have got the raw. I want the episode with subs...