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Keroro is messing the train
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The Pink Panther series
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Fighting for justice

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Hamtaro fansubs

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Have a Laugh! With Keroro Gunsou!

It's a new series that I created. It called Have a Laugh! But it's a parody of Disney's series.
Starring your favorites Keroro Platoon and the others, and other characters, also it have changed the music and sound effects. It's a short version, because it had changed at all, scenes, music and original version.
Here's from original episodes.

Ep 1: Keroro, Congratulations, Happy Birthday. De Arimasu!
Ep 2: Tamama, Note Desu. De Arimasu! Death Note Parody
Ep 3: Keroro Platoon, Big Resonance! De Arimasu!
Ep 4: Keroro, The Fearsome Mosquitos. De Arimasu!
Ep 5: Giroro, Time with His Interests. De Arimasu!
Ep 6: Keroro, Return to My Original Intention! De Arimasu!
Ep 7: Dororo, Escaping His Trauma. De Arimasu!
Ep 8: Duck!
Ep 9: Giroro, Rescue Mission of Love. De Arimasu!
Ep 10: Akane's Trick
Ep 11: Kururu, the Cursed DVD. De Arimasu!
Ep 12: An Annoying Children
Ep 13: Keroro, Protect the Mushrooms! De Arimasu!
Ep 15: Keroro, Hey, Let's Make a Game. De Arimasu!
Ep 16: Keroro, A Miralce!? Keroro's Father. De Arimasu!
Ep 17: Arale and Donbe
Ep 18: Burning Hot! Family Restaurant War
Ep 19: Keroro! Become a Superhero! De Arimasu!
Ep 20: Giroro, Even the Cat Knows. De Arimasu!
Ep 21: Fashion Action
Ep 22: Giroro, Who Gave Me This? De Arimasu!
Ep 23: Keroro Platoon,  Struggle! Torinoichi. De Arimasu!
Ep 24: Keroro, Training is OK. De Arimasu!
Ep 25: (Billy Gets Dumber!) Complete and Utter Chaos!
Ep 26: Kururu, the Most Dislikeable Guy. De Arimasu!
Ep 27: Keroro, Survival of the Snowball Fight. De Arimasu!
Ep 28: Momoka, White Day's Super Plan. De Arimasu!
Ep 29: The Masked Pie-Smurfer
Ep 30: Kururu, Kururu's Ku. De Arimasu!
Ep 31: The Gingerbread Smurfs
Ep 32: Dororo, Come Study at Ninja Class. De Arimasu!
Ep 33: Be a-Fred, Be Very a-Fred
Ep 34: Go For Corak
Ep 35: Psst Pink
Ep 36: Tamama, the Sealed Tamama Impact. De Arimasu!
Ep 37: Saburo, The Mysterious Boy. De Arimasu!
Ep 38: Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Chicken from Outer Space
Ep 39: Mumbo Jumbo
Ep 40: The Film Fan
Ep 41: Canned Feud
Ep 42: Natsumi, Stop That Hiccupping! De Arimasu!
Ep 43: Shin's Terrible Cleaning!
Ep 44: Daffy - The Commando
Ep 45: Easter Yeggs
Ep 46: The Old Grey Hare
Ep 47: Keroro, I'm a Director Now! De Arimasu!
Ep 48: Bowery Bugs
Ep 49: Rabbit Fire
Ep 50: Crowing Pains
Ep 51: Nergal's Pizza
Ep 52: Keroro, Run, Keroro! De Arimasu!
Ep 53: Koyuki, Showdown! Battle on the Midsummer Beach. De Arimasu!
Ep.54: Keroro, Save Energy While Invading. De Arimasu!
Ep.55: Duck Amuck
Ep.56: Droopy's Good Deed
Ep.57: Potty Emergency
Ep.58: Hare Tonic
Ep.59: Northwest Hounded Police
Ep.60: Hinata Aki, a Dynamite Woman! De Arimasu!
Ep.61: Keroro, Being Popular. De Arimasu!
Ep.62: Goo Goo Gas
Ep.63: Hare Do
Ep.64: Keroro, Big Plan of Christmas. De Arimasu!
Ep.65: Gift Wrapped
Ep.66: Delibird's Dilemma
Ep.67: One Ham’s Family
Ep.68: Twas the Day Before Christmas
Ep.69: Big House Bunny
Ep.70: Rude Removal (Censored version)
Ep.71: Oaknapped!
Ep.72: Momoka VS Koyuki, Fight for the Onsen Tickets. De Arimasu!
Ep.73: Pink Blue Plate
Ep.74: The Stupor Salesman
Ep.75: Mouse Mazurka

Re-keros! is a music video clip from original episode.

Re-Keros 1 Shin chan Joining the Group Member by Strange man
Re-Keros 2 Dr Slump 31: Nihao! Enter of Tsun Family song Winter Bell by Mai Kuraki
Re-Keros 3 Keroro 100: Keroro, Eh? Who am... I? Everyone... Who? De Arimasu! Song Destiny by Miki Matsuhashi
Re-Keros 4 Dr Slump 60: Song Heart Operation by Hamu-chanzu
Re-Keros 5 Searching for Stan! Twirl, Twirl by Sandy and Stan
Re-Keros 6 Bobobo 10: Toot toot! It feels Good! by Bobobo & Don Patch
Re-Keros 7 Okusenman by Okusenman Team
Re-Keros 8 Love Love Beam by PowerPuff Girls Z
Re-Keros 9 Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and pals
Re-Keros 10 Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and the others
Re-Keros 11 The World is All One!! By IdolMaster
Re-Keros 12 Hamtaro H by Cristine
Re-Keros 13 Stolen Girl's Heart by Iori Minase
Re-Keros 14 Please Give Me a Candy! by Dorian, the Mari-Land mole
Re-Keros 15 I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat 3D by Sylvester & Tweety
Re-Keros 16 Christmas Rules by Bugs Bunny and friends
Re-Keros 17 Poker Face by Eric Cartman
Re-Keros 18 Gangnam Style by PSY
Re-Keros 19 Heart of the Marionette by Miki Hoshii

There'll be more. How's that? Ke-Kero!


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  1. yes
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    eps 27-33 and Re-KEros Party Rock Athem yeahh \m/